Ply Wood

About Us


GLOBAL PLYWOOD BIZ is one of Asia’s leading plywood product exporters based in Linyi city of China and Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam, with a proven history track of 15 years knowledge and experience. Our business model is based on sustainability, quality, continuity, excellent business relationships and integrity.GLOBAL PLYWOOD BIZ is closely involved in the production process of plywood, and closely controls the logistics. We therefore can guarantee high quality plywood, large availability and reliable advice.

We Produce and Export

We supply to the timber trade, building materials trade, hardware stores and specific segments in the industry. Plywood panel material is our core business, our first love. We source it worldwide and are proud to also have a specialized range in stock for you. In addition to this range , we provide customized solutions.GLOBAL PLYWOOD BIZ is a service-oriented partner. We have the capacity to unburden you. We provide sales support and custom business solutions.OSB,MDF,LVL,H20 Beams,Formwork Systems,We Import Vneers with Length 1280-1300mm,Width 850-870mm,Thickness above 1.5mm.